But that’s only a part of my story.

I was born in Nigeria and when I was 11 years old, I moved to London with my family so we could build a better life and have greater opportunities.

My family looked perfect on the outside, ticking all the right boxes, but those years of transition were incredibly challenging for us.

Being an introvert at heart, I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings effectively then, and so I just ‘bottled it up’ and got on with it.

I was the classic good girl and studied hard, ‘obeyed all the rules’, and even had plans to become a doctor (which would have pleased my family no end).

But I could only act this part for so long.

At the end of secondary school, I was tired of playing the good girl role - so created my own version of ‘freedom’ and I went the other way.


At 17 years old, after a string of bad decisions – failing school, dating the wrong guy, hanging with the wrong crowd and getting involved with drugs, I left my family home.

And for many months I was homeless. I couldn’t keep a real job, let alone a permanent address.

My real wake-up call came when: I was down to my last few pounds and couldn’t even keep a Starbucks job, and one of my ‘friends’ suggested that I go with her to see a guy about a job.

The guy was a ‘pimp’ and the job was ‘prostitution’. I was faced with the terrifying prospect of doing the unthinkable for money. And yet, at the time, I couldn’t see another way out of the mess I had created for myself.

As I listened to this guy casually tell me everything that would be involved in this job, what my life would be like and how much money I could make – I heard a voice inside me strongly say:

“This is NOT who you are meant to be!
You are meant for so much more!”

Even though I had given up on many of my dreams, friendships and family members, I wasn’t ready to give up on myself.

In that moment, I decided to do whatever I had to do to re-build my life again, and find out what my ‘more’ was.


I walked outside of that pimp’s door, into an empty street in Soho, with no money and no plans – just a knowing – that I was meant for more.

And I was.

With God’s grace and some audacious determination – I went back to university and studied banking and finance.

I did the only thing I knew how to do: learn.

I worked harder than I ever had in my entire life, and worked my way up to get an internship at a bank. I just said yes to every opportunity that came my way (and even learned how to code in addition to my banking and finance skills).

I kept climbing the success ladder – and fulfilled a childhood dream of studying at Cambridge University getting my MBA, which catapulted my career.

I was chosen to take part in the global talent rotation program at a top company - and my high flying career just kept accelerating, with assignments in New York and several European locations, and a feature in industry press as one of the 30 brightest stars, and future leaders under 40 in the industry.

It was incredible – for a while.

While I enjoyed my career, and I was good at it, I felt something was still missing.

Like many other women, my life was very much determined by my job, the demands of my manager and my success at work.

Giving it all to my job was costing me my life – and at 31, I was hospitalised for stress – which left me burnt-out and depressed.

I knew something had to change.

I discovered one of my first mentors that would change my life, and started my journey of personal development and transformation.

I learned the keys to personal transformation and how to start really achieving in both my personal and professional life – not just one or the other.

I started smashing my sales goals at work (increasing my attainment of targets from barely 10% to over 800%), I figured out how to have a life, and I met my soul-mate and moved from London to Norway to start our life together.

I had all the boxes ticked for myself this time:

High flying career, soul-mate, great life – and in 2015, I had my beautiful daughter and went on maternity leave.

I felt I ‘should’ have been enjoying this blissful time but I was a mess – I was exhausted and lost myself in that first year of motherhood.

I was again playing to the ‘perfect’ good girl story and it was keeping me in a prison of never feeling good enough.

Even after ‘having it all’ by the world’s standard of success, I knew there still was more for me.

I prayed, I searched and soon after I discovered my passion for, and powerful gift of coaching, and decided to start a certification and go head first into building a business that would serve women all over the world.

I’d discovered the secrets of how to ‘have it all harmoniously’ and the impact that a purpose-driven life and career can have you on you, your family and the world around you.


Fast forward two years from then, my life looks COMPLETELY different. I followed my ‘more’ and it has taken me to different continents – I have impacted the lives of women on 5 continents through my work, and now travel the world sharing my story.

I have built a business that combines my love of coaching, speaking, motivation, training and philanthropy. I get to bring all of who I am to the women and companies I serve, while making a positive impact on those less fortunate in the world. You can learn more about, and contribute to the charitable work I am involved in here at this link.

My journey has taught me that no matter where you come from, or what challenges you have faced – anything is possible, and everything is overcomeable!

I am here to tell you that every challenge and set back you have faced has shaped you, refined you and sculpted you so you can stand out like the real diamond you are – valuable, unique and created for a greater future.

It is my mission to awaken people to their true potential, stop them hiding behind excuses and perfection, and to take a stand for their ‘MORE’.

Forget perfection, settling and ‘just being grateful’ for what you have.

Having it all is not a dream – it’s a decision.

Your greater future is available the moment you decide that you deserve to have it all, and are ready to get expert help to live life to your fullest potential.

Maxine xx