Client success stories

"Working with Maxine has been one of the best investments I have made into my professional development so far. The coaching sessions were well structured and the advice received was solid, easy to apply and provided real positive results.What I enjoyed most was the fact that the solutions to all the issues I faced would actually come from me. Maxine applied her "magic" (aka talent and expertise) to make me see possibilities and different paths to resolve a problem.

The sessions were also a real booster to my self-confidence, and I feel I am now much better equipped with tools and insights to continue my journey along the senior leadership path."

Fernanda Lopes Larsen

"Since Working with Maxine, she has helped me immensely; she worked with me on a plan and structure and guided me to achieve actual results in terms of both my personal and professional goals. I feel happier and have more clarity on the path I am on."

Zara English

"Before working with Maxine, I would describe my life like a hamster on an ever rolling wheel that kept getting faster and faster. l was too busy and my priorities were not in the right order. Maxine helped me identify the keys l needed to implement the changes l wanted to have in my life! l am so very thankful for her wisdom, tact and heart of compassion to see peoples lives change for the better!"

Esther Anato-Dumelo

"Maxine’s powerful questioning during our coaching helped me tremendously. It was like the fog in my mind cleared away, and I got what I wanted and needed from the coaching - to be confident in myself. After working with Maxine, I feel I don’t need to worry about anything. I can enjoy my life a lot more than before."

Makiko Yamamoto

"Prior to working with Maxine, I was struggling with trying to balance being a full time working lady, a mum, a wife and also being myself. It was a constant battle trying to fit everything in. After working with Maxine, I got the confidence and motivation to get my life back on track. I found my calling and decided to act on a long held vision to start my own venture. 3 months from the idea being conceived, I have a team of 6 people working towards bringing the vision to life. I also regularly make quality time for myself as well as my as my family. I couldn't be happier. "

Marisa Teh-Mascarenhas

"Prior to working with Maxine, I was in a really anxious state of mind about a new business venture that I recently took on. I love what I do, however, this big move was starting to sap my energy and subsequently, my passion. Being able to sit and strategically work though all the kinks with Maxine was just what I needed to get me back on track. To focus on what I have, and forget any, so called, limitations. I highly recommend coaching with Maxine."

Marlene Abuah

"Maxine has this amazing grace which inspires confidence and trust. During our coaching session, I felt a sense of clarity, as if the fog (metaphorically speaking!) had lifted to leave space for clearer actions and a sense of anticipation for what the future may bring. "

Natacha Wilson

"Working with Maxine was such a great experience for me, I left the session with clarification of my priorities and choices, and a list of clear actions to facilitate specific improvements and to be more in control of my life."

Veronika Safonova

"Before I met Maxine, I had great passion but with a blurry vision and lack of direction to achieve my goals and my focus was more on my limitations. After working with Maxine, I feel liberated to think of possibilities. During our session, I felt like someone was actually listening to my heart and holding my hands walking me through the process. Now I feel like life is limitless."

Vivian Songonuga

"Before I met Maxine, I was not fully aware of my potential. However, I instantly knew when I had a taster session with Maxine, that she had to be my coach. Maxine has shown me how to use my strengths and has even led me to discover other talents that I was not aware of. She has been encouraging, a great listener and also firm when she has to be. I am now more confident and I understand the importance of connecting with my visions on a daily basis. Maxine has helped me achieve all my goals - one of them has been to bring in business for the company I work for. This has been a huge achievement for me. The future is indeed greater. I highly recommend Maxine as a life coach Thank you so much Maxine and looking forward to working with you again!"

Jayne Hagan